How to choose a poker set?

5 min readMay 1, 2022

Poker is an extremely popular card game in Australia. It is interesting to participate in the gameplay, and it is prestigious to win. But the game of poker is not only about cards, but also about cloth, a table and chips. It is tactile sensations that can convey the spirit of this: that is why the choice should be approached especially carefully. Today we will talk about an important accessory — a poker set.

What is included in the poker set?

Prestigious and elegant poker set will make the game even more interesting and exciting. It includes all the elements you need to play — you don’t need to buy anything separately. Poker sets can contain both playing cards and sets with chips and accessories for a professional game.

An example of a standard set: 300 tokens, 2 decks of playing cards, 4 dice of different colors: red or black.

The traditional set includes:

  • suitcase;
  • 2 Keys;
  • 2 decks of cards, 54 each;
  • 1 dealer;
  • 1 big blind;
  • 1 small blind;
  • 5 cubes;
  • 50 red chips;
  • 50 blue chips;
  • 50 green chips;
  • 50 white chips;
  • 100 black chips.

Connoisseurs of premium accessories choose sets in a handmade wooden case. These products are distinguished by their exclusive design, practicality and do not lose their presentability after several years.

How to choose a poker set?

Step 1. There are several types of poker: Russian, Texas, six-card, seven-card, three-card and swap poker. What do all these games have in common? The total number of cards in the game is 52 cards, from doubles to aces of four suits. It is on playing cards that you should pay special attention when choosing a poker set.

Step 2. Poker card sets contain 54 cards: Added two joker cards to play with the joker. The cards must be made of 100% plastic, which makes them durable, scratch-resistant and leaves no marks for a long time. Quality chips are heavy enough like casino chips, made of suitable material, suitable for show dealer, Texas hold’em, roulette and other games. Semi-plastic cards can be found in inexpensive sets. You can buy a poker set cheaply only if you are a beginner and just learning to play.

Step 3. The sets also include tokens. Chips on the gaming table are the equivalent of money and most often have denominations of 5, 10, 20, 50, 100. The denomination is equal to a certain amount of money that is accepted in the game. Chips vary in color. For example, 5 tokens are red, 10 are blue, etc. The easiest way to try poker for real money is at the new online casinos in Australia.

Step 4. Chips vary in weight. They can weigh between 11 and 14 grams due to the composition of the plastic. More expensive sets have heavy chips. This is necessary so that they do not move around the field when accidentally touched. If you plan to play with a large group, buy a set of at least 300–500 chips. Large professional sets provide an additional deck of cards and more tokens of different denominations. In such sets, the denomination of tokens can reach up to 500 or 1000.

Step 5. All poker sets come in a special case with a soft bottom. Additionally, you can buy a tablecloth for the table. It contains betting markup and marked fields for each player.

Where to buy the best poker set in Australia?

A set of poker chips can be easily found in a large online store with a wide range. However, it is better to purchase sets on highly specialized sites: niche companies are ready to offer an expanded range of products — from basic sets to premium sets.

Sets with plastic cards are standard. Compared to paper versions, plastic samples are more durable and tear-resistant. Even after many hours of play, they will remain in perfect, undamaged condition. It is plastic cards that are used in online poker with a live dealer in the best Australian online casinos.

What options should be enabled?

  • Feature tokens. As a rule, a set of 3 function tokens is included in the kit, allowing you to maintain order in the game. DEALER is a dealer token that moves clockwise during the game. SMALL BIND means that the first player sits next to the dealer. BIG BIND means the second player after the dealer.
  • Aluminum or wooden case with ergonomic handle for easy carrying and transportation.
  • Content security. The inside of the suitcase is specially protected, each element has its own lightweight place, so that everything stays in place when carrying.

This set is perfect for Texas Hold’em and other online card games at Roo Casino. In the set you will find everything you need to play like in a real casino. The set is also ideal for playing poker and other games such as craps, roulette or blackjack. It’s very practical, easy to carry and keeps your poker accessories organized.

A high-quality set of poker chips is packed in a suitcase, locked with a key, has clasps. The ergonomic handle of the suitcase makes it easy to carry the set. Inside the suitcase there are specially embossed places for cards, dice and tokens. On the other hand, there is a sponge that stabilizes the inside during transport so that everything is always in place. Poker sets are well protected: after opening the package, you will not be disappointed by the appearance of an item damaged in transit.

The set also includes tokens for organizing the game.

  • DEALER is a dealer token that moves clockwise during the game.
  • SMALL BIND — means that the first player sits with the dealer.
  • BIG BIND — Indicates the second player sitting behind the dealer.

The set will be a great gift for a game lover. All accessories, made of durable and suitable materials, make the set of high quality and sure to give a lot of unforgettable emotions. The set is suitable not only for playing poker, but also for playing dice, roulette or blackjack. All you need to do is invite your friends to the evening match and have fun!




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