Brisbane man to keep working after winning $60 million Powerball jackpot

2 min readJan 17, 2022

A Brisbane man is at a loss after winning $60 million in the Powerball draw on Thursday night.
After several missed calls from The Lott officials, the 30-year-old from Queensland finally answered the call to confirm he was the only one to hit the jackpot.
“I know you confirmed this, but at first when I saw this on The Lott app, I thought it was a joke or a glitch in the system. Of course, I didn’t just win $60 million,” the man said. This was reported in a press release from The Lott.

I don’t think I will sleep much tonight.
The winning numbers for the Powerball 1338 draw on Thursday, January 6th were 15, 5, 28, 20, 29, 34 and 27. The Powerball number was 8.
The $60 million winner said he will use his windfall to “buy his first home, help family and friends, and have a good vacation.”

“I still plan to return to work in 2022,” he said.
“Dude, this is fucking unrealistic.
“I think anyone who receives this information will think it is surreal. It’s just incredible.
“There is a huge shock factor. You always dream, but you never expect it to happen. It’s a lottery, after all.
“For me, that’s a lot to handle. I just didn’t expect it.”
The Queenslander became the first winner of the first division of Powerball in 2022.
Divisions two through nine had 1,708,139 winners who won over $31.26 million, including four second division winners who each won $216,329.20.




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